Make Rain Wear Sexy

You shouldn't have to hide your outfit just because of the rain. Rain City Slickers is and outdoor apparel design company. Our clothing is handmade, all-weather gear for women, made from sustainably sourced materials. Our first product the Rain City Kitty Wrap is a wraparound skirt for women to wear on the go in the rain. This skirt is made with clear vinyl material embellished with a velcro accent pull-away strip at the top and designed to be interchangeable with any outfit.

Support Small & Local Businesses

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support of our friends in the small business in Portland and throughout the U.S. We're proud to partner and work with some of the most fantastic sourcers, printers and manufacturers who help create our raingear. 

Leaving the Planet Better Than We Found It

It's hard to make a global impact as a small business, that's why we partner with business who have similar values as us: 

+ Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

+ Keeping a Carbon Footprint Small 

+ Creating Sustainable Products with Ethically Sourced Materials

Our sourcing partner, Overrun, provide us with materials that would traditionally be discarded. By using this excess fabric, we prevent it from ending up in a landfill and provide our customers with sexy rain wear made from high quality materials. 



Businesses We Love