Perfect Day in Portland for My Rain Skirt

So it's Spring, but outside is stubborn and seeming to hang on to the winter biter weather.  So today walking my dog, named Rainy (she loves the rain and rolls in mud puddles any chance she gets), I put on my rain skirt and rain jacket, and walked as if it were a dry sunny Spring day. My legs were dry so I felt good. I didn't have to worry about carrying my umbrella, which is one of the reasons I designed the rain skirt. Today was windy, so umbrellas just don't work. Usually, it is easy to spot someone who just moved to Portland, they have an umbrella, but when the winds pick up they realize that a hoody will work for now, even if it means they get wet. So how about a cute hoody, or rain jacket, with my rain skirt...sounds good to me. My dog doesn't notice my skirt, she is busy sniffing tulips, and reminding me to relax and appreciate the good things.