Women's Expo

Thanks everyone who supported me for the Women's Expo on March 11th in Portland,OR. It was a rainy day so my clear rain skirt had a warm welcome. Many people loved and bought the clear rain skirt. "It is like an umbrella for my legs," one Portland gal said.  I think that is a great way to say what it is. Your legs won't get wet, and you can wear a short cute rain coat instead of a long rain coat in the Spring and Summer.  I had two models to help me show the skirt, Amy and Jalena. They were so patient with me, since I was so busy with talking to my peeps and taking care of the booth. Thanks again Amy and Jalena. You can see their cute photos wearing the skirts in the gallery. I have been invited to the Curvy Chic Closet fashion show on April 29th, so I will keep you posted with details. Thanks again Portland gals, for your friendly smiles, hoorays, and compliments. You gave me confidence to keep going!