The many types of rain in Portland

I have categorized many types of rain in Portland as the following:

Misty Rain: free spa rain wear needed but nothing better then a nice walk in the misty
rain and perfect spritz on my face.

Fat Drop Rain: you can actually see through the rain drops like bubbles, and see mirages.


Windy Rain: you feel like you have been stuck in a car wash

Laughable Rain: No matter what you have on, the rain gets into every nook and cranny, and
even rain pants, rain jacket, and boots don’t cut it...this is when you just laugh at it.

Invisible rain: You can’t see it, but you know it’s there.

Romantic Rain: Yes, straight out of a romantic movie, it is gentle and soothing, and in the
summer there is nothing better then a walk with my baby, in downtown Portland at night.

Mirror Rain: The rain creates a mirror effect all over the streets and sidewalks, a shiny silver

Moody Rain: Decides to rain even when the sun is out, and forgets to take it’s antidepressants.

Mascara Tears Rain: the rain that just hits your face and nothing else, all clothes are dry except
your face, and you realize why so many don’t wear mascara in Portland.

Not It Rain: The kind of rain that falls heavily across the street and you sit happily in the sun and watch the birds fly by.

Do you have favorite type of rain? We'd love to hear about it!

- Rain City Slickers