Perfect Fall Day

The angry wind in Portland stopped today for the first time in awhile. It was quiet, I could here the rain drops as I walked my dogs this morning. It was just a reminder, of the reason I love Portland. The rainy days and the cozy mornings with my dogs, and hot coffee. I had my clear rain skirt on with a cute short rain jacket. It was nice to not put on a long heavy rain coat. It was nice to have my legs dry after the walk. It was nice to cozy up with my dogs after the walk, as I wished they could live to be 100.

Mission: Dogs are an important part of Rain City Slickers. Our vision is to support rescue animals and create a Youth and Senior Program that supports this vision. The founder/Dori Lyon worked in health care for many years and saw the systemic problems and wants to change health care by funding programs that supports care that is individual, and meets the specific needs of individuals and their families, and our fur friends.

Dori Lyon